Monday, July 27, 2009

Creating More

Life is about creating more stuff. Whatever I do, whatever you do, we need to create more of it!

That's the only way to grow and prosper. First, decide what and Who you want to BE. Then, accept your identity and BE that person. Next, DO something! Do what is appropriate to BE YOU. Create your world by doing the things that fit Who You Are. It doesn't have to be easy! Sometimes, it's not easy; it may take effort. But it's worth the effort if it allows you to Be You. Right?

And finally, enjoy the benefits of what you have sown. Being and Doing allows us to HAVE. And what I'd like to have is time freedom, freedom from worry and freedom to Be Myself.

Oh, sure, others criticize, but what difference does that make? NONE. Those who criticize are not contributing to my well-being, so they don't effect my well-being. I ignore them, or I am entertained by them. (Funny people...) I learn to do without them if I think I need them. Then, I am self-sufficient and happy. Then, I can Be, Do and Have what I want. Then, I AM CREATOR! Creating a better world for myself and others who truly love me.

Right now, I'm creating a company that will make me a thousand-aire...and maybe eventually a millionaire. Because that's Who I Choose to BE.

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