Monday, January 18, 2010

The Greatest of All Insights is That Seeking Happiness Will Allow For the Realities You Desire

When all is said and done, the appearance of reality is just that, an appearance. The moment makes its appearance, and vanishes as quickly as it is noticed. It may very well seem different to you. Sound waves vibrate at frequencies only our intelligent nervous system can detect, only to pass by never to be heard or seen again. Each moment is experienced that way as well. A record of that moment may be made yet it comes no where close to the experience as it was in the original environment in which it first appeared. Why is this important? With an open and free look at how we attract the appearance of life, we are able to deliberately cause the emotional state for the situations and circumstances we intend to experience.
Yes that is a rather bold statement to make and if you stick with me a moment, I will attempt to give you a sense of a practical application of the law of attraction for producing more happiness and joy. By continuing to raise our awareness of our higher self, we can learn to advance our skills at deliberately creating more joy in our life. The universe is attraction based. Thoughts attract that which is likened to itself - like thoughts attract one another. The first thing to know is thoughts are not ideas, ideas are a massive amount of thoughts which have been attracted to one another giving rise to our ability to recognize it as an idea making sense to us. The intention one is, ignites the attraction of like thoughts to unite.
When you deliberately choose to think better feeling thoughts, you do not have those thoughts formulated just yet, however the intent causes the dynamic of attraction and almost instantaneously an idea, with better feeling, comes to you. This is rather easy to see when you realize that energy precedes all things, even thoughts. The potential energy of attraction is infinite and available to you. It always has been and always will be. This is how your entire life has manifested moment by moment.
Because your intention has been on automatic, the situations and circumstances of your life may not be as satisfying and joyful as you have desired them to be. In a somewhat unconscious state you have been following the instructions of your previously formed beliefs and assumptions about who you are and life itself. After repetitive affirmation and evidence, you come to expect it to be the way it is, rarely do you expect otherwise. I am not good enough, I am separate, I am powerless, and I am not smart enough, become a persons expectations. These or any variety of beliefs and assumptions become the bounds in which one allows his or her life to play out.
The good news is, you can alter the quality of your experience and test your own ability to do so. You do not need to be a skilled master. One can, on his or her own, deliberately seek a better feeling thought. The intent alone will indeed call it forth. The secret is to take small advances, trim tabbing your way to happiness. A trim tab is the small rudder which turns the much larger rudder on a ship. As small as it is, reaching for better feeling thoughts takes significantly little pressure yet produces enormous results. It is the intention that counts.
No matter where you are at in life, a broken relationship, a dying business, or an illness causing you to feel hopelessness, your willingness to seeking a better feeling thought will eventually cause the situations in your life to alter to match the emotional state you are aiming for. Catch yourself making a statement that you see as negative, and see if you can end the sentence with a better feeling conclusion. You'll get better and better at doing this. Trust your more divine self as it has capacities beyond what you can imagine. If you wish happiness, first think better feeling thoughts about those things you are wishing to change or have been putting up with.
If you see something here in this article that inspires you, continue to gather for yourself more on the law of attraction. Abraham-Hicks is the leading source on this subject. In addition, you can search me on Amazon or the internet for the practical applications of the law of attraction. Remember, the key is to seek happiness and joy in all situations and circumstances.
Leon Michael Cautillo, Author/Instructor
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