Monday, January 4, 2010

Release the Past With a Ritual For Letting Go

"Every breath is an opportunity to receive and let go. I receive love and I let go of pain." ~~Brenda MacIntyre

We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us. ~~Joseph Campbell

As we come to the end of not just a year, but a decade, I have some very important questions for you.

What are you taking with you and what are you leaving behind? What are you ready to let go of so you don't take it with you into the next decade?

Are you ready to get clearer about what you came here to do? Are you ready to let go of whatever has been holding you back from living it fully?

If, as you have been reading these questions, you have thought that you might not be ready, that's okay. That just tells you that there is more healing work to be done. Look for ways to heal whatever is blocking you.

But if you are ready, you can use a modified bowl-burning ceremony (I do not recommend actual fire) to let it all go and to welcome what will come to you by the end of what I like to think of as the adolescent decade, the decade for finishing the work of growing up (2010-2020).

Start by looking back...

What came to you in the past ten years that you really did not want and would like to get rid of now? Make a list and then, tear it up into strips of paper.

Hold them in your hand, feeling their energy one last time and say goodbye. Then, instead of burning them in a bowl or trash can, I suggest putting them in or tying them around a big balloon. Or, you could shred them. Next, make a list if what you would like to welcome into your life during the next decade.

Write a letter to yourself as if it from the heavens, telling yourself what your next decade will be like, infusing it with as much love as you can. In fact, you might try meditating a bit and asking that the words you should write will just come into your head as divine inspiration.

Put that letter in an envelope and put it away, to be taken out at the end of each year for review to compare it to what you created and manifested that year and to inspire yourself for the year to come.

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