Monday, March 22, 2010

Self Identity and Performance

Have you ever watched someone accomplish a task that you have not been able to accomplish? Do feelings of frustration occur? Does the mental chatter begin that says negative things about you and to you? Do you begin to feel inadequate and stupid? Have you ever considered that the other person may have spent more time practicing this task and thus has more advanced skills? So, if this is true, might it also be true that with more practice you could perform this task equally as well? Yes, that is true!
If you flip into negative thinking the task will become impossible to complete or to conquer. Thinking positive thoughts helps us to perform our tasks better. Think of the first time you had to program your cell phone? Did you know what to do? Did you give up or were you persistent and committed to the outcome? Did you stay positive with thoughts that said "I will figure this out - I know I will." Now if you were presented with programming a new cell phone, it might be a different model, but you would not feel intimidated by the process. Correct?
Our brains are the center of our lives. We have over 50,000 thoughts per day. Just because a thought passes through your consciousness does not mean it is the truth. You can learn to challenge these negative thoughts and beliefs. A couple of simple phrases I use to challenge specific thoughts are - "thank you for sharing," or "cancel", or "dismiss." Remember, a thought is only a thought not a call to action nor does the thought have any more meaning than the meaning you give to the thought.
As you approach new challenges, quiet your mind and pull forth those positive words and phrases that will support you in performing well. Begin to reprogram your thoughts - it is your brain - learn to manage it more efficiently. People believe this is impossible. Really? If we are not in charge of our thoughts, who is in charge?
As you begin to communicate with your thoughts you will begin to control the outcome of your results. Your thoughts have become part of you based on past experiences. We also hold on to other peoples' comments to us that might reinforce our negative self- talk. Change your thoughts, change your life.
Your self-identity is driven by your brain and how it has been programmed to think. Even though you failed at a task earlier in life; such as public speaking, does not mean you can not be a spectacular public speaker. Because this belief lives in your brain and, again, you are in charge of your brain. Practice positive self-talk and re-programming your brain.
Sonja Fullwood, author, life, health, and prosperity coach. Sonja brings a life-time of experience, knowledge, and accomplishments to her coaching business. Sonja is direct in her approach to coaching and holds people accountable for their actions and supports the greatness and potential in everyone. Visit my site at This site is a work in progress - please feel free to visit and comment.

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