Friday, October 1, 2010

Home Based Business Leads - How To Generate Responsive Leads Cheaply Or For Free

Here are five free methods of generating home based business leads online that even "newbies" can implement immediately.

1. Forum Posts.

Choose two or three forums in your niche and post daily. Start out in a forum by commenting on the threads started by others and try to be on of the first people to comment on a new thread. After you have contributed through commenting consistently for a week or two then you should start creating your own threads.

2. Facebook and Twitter.

Social media marketing (not including the Facebook PPC platform) works better for customer retention rather than acquisition. Basically, this means that businesses acquire fans and followers who may already be customers or recruits and they maintain their relationship through social media. Use this knowledge to create as many genuine relationships as possible with entrepreneurial people and share helpful information through status updates to funnel them toward your opportunity. In other words, don't just use social media to incessantly post links to your squeeze page to try to turn these people into home based business leads without building a relationship first.

3. Video Marketing.

Video sites like YouTube can be very social but don't use them just to socialize. Create as many helpful "how to" videos as possible that are relevant to your niche. These will position you as a leader in the eyes of your YouTube friends and other viewers and will more easily turn them into home based business leads for you when the time is right.

4. Blog commenting.

Blog commenting is simply adding comments to the posts of other blogs in your niche. Whenever you leave a comment there will be several fields for you to complete in addition to your comment like "name", "email address", and "website". Make an intelligent comment that provides so much value to the discussion at hand that readers are compelled to click the link on your comment and visit your site.

5. Blogging.

The thought of starting a blog intimidates many people who have never built their own website before. But, did you know that you could start up your own blog without knowing how to program and without knowing any html? Get started today over at Blogger and put up your first page right away. After you get comfortable, get a cheap hosting account and have the customer service people at the host company walk you through setting up your own "self-hosted WordPress blog" and find some free tutorials on YouTube about how to create and edit posts using WordPress.

No matter what your skill level is, start today using the five methods above to generate as many home based business leads as you need.

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