Tuesday, November 9, 2010


The importance of Making Money becomes obvious once you graduate from school, and decide to “get out on your own.” Some of us make that decision of how to make money the day of graduation, or the day after. But for some others, the decision comes later. But whenever you decided to leave “the nest,” the means for having a continuous flow of income played a major role in that decision.  For me, it was the determining factor for what I was going to choose as a major subject of study in college. At first I thought that becoming a lawyer would be a good career, bringing in lots of monthly cash, so I chose Political Science and Pre-Law as a major. But after only a few months, I realized that wasn’t for me, and the “means of having a continuous flow of income” no longer figured into my decision-making. I just wanted to have fun. So I changed my major to Performing Arts, and focused on what I love to do…singing and playing the piano.

After years of making little or no money in this field, (although I WAS enjoying myself), I discovered Affiliate Marketing, quite by accident, by the way. I was working online in the corporate office, and took a break for my assigned chores. I found a company that sold wellness products, which was something that I wanted to purchase, and later realized that I could become an affiliate of this company and get paid commission on the products that I sold for them. That was it!

From that day forward, I have been working as an Affiliate Marketer, learning everything I can about the industry and even trying out every type of company known to man. Of all the companies I’ve worked with, EDUCATION and INFORMATION is the one thing that all people need for All things. There isn’t much anybody can do with anything, about anything, for any reason, without it.

So now I market educational and informational tools that help others learn how to market on the Internet, using AFFILIATE MARKETING. And, by the way, I LOVE IT! It’s rewarding, exciting, and because Affiliate Marketing has grown to be American’s #1 means of providing a continuous flow of income for themselves and for their families, it’s always changing and Never, Ever boring.

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