Friday, November 26, 2010

Smart Marketing: Tips for Ads

Here are some smart marketing tips for ads and for marketing online. Even offline advertising requires creativity and organization. If you put to use these 3 suggestions repeatedly, you will find success in your advertising campaign time after time.

1.       Use magazines, e-zines, books and e-books about advertising for more suggestions and ideas to heighten your creativity.

2.       Create timelines for publishing Articles when Article Marketing. Coordinate timelines for submission with respective Programs’ dates for publishing your article.

3.       Web-based Marketing: Contribute to online advertising efforts on the Safelists’ websites and social networking websites that you have joined. Keep track of your advertising results.

4.       Special Marketing Projects: Maintain a collection of updated, appropriate marketing images. Identify and implement new/ever-changing opportunities to make the most of your marketing images. (Find new sources for advertising, using your images.)

Article Marketing, Safelists, Social Networking, Images are valuable, yet often FREE Tools anyone can benefit from using for smart marketing.

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