Thursday, May 14, 2020

Now Is the Time to Do What You Have to Do!

Do you have a thought or an idea for something you've been wanting to do for a long time? 

Fantasizing is good, some experts help propel those ideas and thoughts into tangible, touchable things.

But when is it time to take action? 

  • You read everything you can about it.
  • You ask for advice from family & friends.
  • You put your thoughts down on paper.
  • You think, and ponder and plan.

Now it's time to take some action...any action...something to show yourself that you really want this thing, and with Good Reason! After all, your reason Why is what will keep the dream alive!

While you may not have everything in place, It Is Important to Start someplace. Once you make that first step, things tend to get easier. least for awhile. The excitement of embarking on something new is all you need to make you smile, get your heart pumping, and you will want to tell somebody about it!  

But soon you will discover road-blocks and challenges that you did not foresee. That's because, this is a new endeavor. It's unfamiliar territory. Now, more that ever, It Is Important to Keep Going. The reason the cliche "Quitters never win" is a cliche, is because it's true! (Think about it.)

Take that passion & energy that you felt when you.first started, and let it lead you to where you want to go...and keep going!

Always remember your reason Why. It's what will keep the dream alive!

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